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mo' money mo' problems

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don't touch my pickles ann!

please get your gigolo out of here.

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30 rock's absurdity, 90s horse parties, adam scott's twitter, arrested development, beals feels, beautiful spinsters, being awesome instead, bette/tina, btvs, call me mrs. butterworth bitch, coffee, cougar town, dana scully, everybody pants now!, film festivals, firefly, florence + the machine, functional marrieds, gillian anderson, gob is not on board, henry/casey, i hate salad, jazz, josh charles's stupid face, kate/leo, katherine beckett i never, liking things unironically, lisa chappell, liz lemoning, lizzy caplan, luther, mercy, morning drinking, music videos in forests, not castle season four, outrageous fortune, parks and recreation, pretty horses!, queen amy: lady hero, rizzoli & isles, ruining dates with science, secretly elderly, seth meyers, shows! about! ladies!, simultaneously rapping and cleaning, snl, suits, taylor schilling, the good wife, the l word, the thoroughbred of sin, the x files, titanic, too many disney films, your mother's butt

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