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feel free to think i'm an asshole for this being the only update i've made in months

my thread for the holiday love meme is here! if anyone is still... doing that kind of thing.

basically nothing has happened to me since i've been home i just go to work sometimes and then i spend a lot of time reblogging things on tumblr. AND THEN PITCH PERFECT FINALLY LEAKED ONTO THE INTERNET THE OTHER DAY??? so now... that is my life and it's not an exaggeration.

UM, but if anyone wants to come talk to me about The Good Wife being the best show on television rn then i'd be happy to do that bc it's basically the only show i even watch at the moment??? idk idk. i saw my old hs english teacher the other day and he really sent me kind of wonky bc he said i'm in the perfect position to treat writing as my full-time job and i realised that is super true but i'm... not... doing that even remotely and like it's made me feel very grateful to him for pointing that out but also like i need to shut down the entire internet until i actually finish writing something for once idk. i have literally 4 outlines for various things half-done but nothing is completed and i just need to fix it ugh do life things sam you're the worst.
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i forgot how utterly terrible the internet is with no bandwidth :(((

I keep meaning to update this thing bc I'm very aware that LJ is dying a slow death and I don't want to contribute to it but then I remember how stupid the Russian overlords keep making it (LIKE DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE ALL MY FICS UNREADABLE? ARE CUTS OPENING ON THE SAME PAGE REALLY... HELPING ANYONE YOU'RE KIND OF DEFEATING THEIR ENTIRE PURPOSE) and I lose a lot of the desire to. Also ugh my tags are just super awful??? I think about like taking on the job of fixing them and then just start shaking my head violently it's gonna be the worst. BUT ANYWAY this is what I have been doing:

1. Watching Suits. Collapse )

2. Seeing Pitch Perfect 3 times. Collapse )

3. Using Tumblr again??? Idk it has been really... suiting my attention span lately and several of you guys who I love but don't really use LJ much use it a lot and it's a nice way to keep track of you I guess. I still don't understand how it works or like how you even have a proper conversation with anyone but if I'm not following anyone I should my blog is here (MISOGYNISTIC RAPPER ANNA KENDRICK!!!!) and we should be Tumblr friends. I mostly... post gay things and cry about ladies so it's pretty similar to what I do here but with more unnecessary gifs.

ANYWAY I am going to finish watching Hairspray then I am going to curl up in a tiny ball and have feelings about lesbians. GOOD NIGHT.
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drive-by post bc i have to get up and go to work in like ten minutes (seriously, who decided it was okay to work on a sunday, satan? DO I WORK FOR SATAN???) but there are things i need to say

> me @ the u r beautiful meme

> still crying over parks; i am going to rewatch this whole season and then make a big-ass post about it sometime rly soon bc i haven't done so all season, basically, and i want to see it from start to finish no 5-week interruptions (it will probably also be in part a compilation of evidence suggesting amy poehler and aubrey plaza are lady gay for each other)

> someone needs to get me professional help for my taylor schilling situation WHEN SHE LAUGHS ANGELS ARE BORN AND MY HEART EXPLODES, anyone got a number for a good therapist

> p.s. haters gonna hate but i am 4 episodes into mercy and it is gr8, due primarily to taylor being the brattiest brat in existence but also so many other things i pretty much only have one thing left to say: HEY, I JUST MET YOU, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe~ ...please don't judge me for doing that i just did it for you with a slap to my own face

> my butt also needs kicking for STILL not getting around to more of my 100 things challenge, why do i have to hate fun so much

> and this isn't directed at anyone in particular except maybe me bc i love irony it's mostly just a good life lesson: let's eat grandma/let's eat, grandma: PUNCTUATION SAVES LIVES
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someone remind me to text my sister about tampons before she leaves school

Re: my last post I just want to say:

Collapse )

Now it's time for another hilarious April Fool's joke: I totally love Castle again yay!!!!!Collapse )

ANYWAY, IN CONCLUSION, I sincerely apologise for making you read that AND making you have to think up nice things to say to me last night, I hope you are all having wonderful April Fool's's? April's Fools? A WONDERFUL STUPID HOLIDAY and I am also sorry for being like literally the only debbie downer left in the whole of Castle fandom.
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i wish it had been this easy to write actual essays during my school years, ugh

One hundred percent right off the bat Castle reactions: Collapse )

And now for some thoughts about Ben Wyatt: Campaign Manager, Boyfriend, Terrible (Face-Wise) with bonus feels about the latest Parks episode: Collapse )

Now, THE PORN BATTLE: ~SO FAR (sorry I really wanted it to sound like a memoir for some reason, ignore me).

1. amy poehler/seth meyers: kiss with a fist, using the prompts: bffs, hammered, bar fight, hurricane
2. leslie knope/ann perkins: everybody wins, using the prompts: perfect, comfortable, helping out, bed-sharing
3. kate beckett/kevin ryan (with bonus espo/kay): the double down, using the prompts: helping, flirting

I kind of feel like everyone who watches the Castle fic community just said a collective what the fuck when they saw that last fic pop up on their flists and I heard it from New Zealand, but idk, Beckett/Ryan is a way better (AND HEALTHIER!!!) relationship than Beckett/Castle is right now so they can go suck a bag of dicks. I'm also considering taking requests maaaaaybe? Because I want to write more and I have a couple of half-finished fics sitting in filename: everyone's doin' it.doc but I'm just not ~feeling them so I want to take a break from trying to write them. I've been thinking about April/Ann ever since zombie_boogie mentioned it (WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME) and maybe even taking it way old school by doing a Mulder/Scully one? I DON'T KNOW? HELP? Are there any prompts that stood out to any of you in fandoms we share that sounded fun?! I'm open to pretty much anything if it's not dudeslash (and only then because... I am not very good at writing it).

In other news my favourite bakery was closed AGAIN yesterday why is the universe still conspiring against me eating chicken and cranberry pies, I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!! If it's closed today idk what I'll do. KILL MYSELF, PROBABLY. Also unrelated but that NBC Superbowl commercial the other night? BRILLIANNNNNNCE. "Is a Clydesdale gonna kick a beer can at Betty White or somethin'?!" Plus you know, any chance I get to listen to Poehler sing I will take.
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i should be writing porn battle entries but i have too many feelings when i do that apparently

So here, I thought you could have an icon post instead (fun fact: I have not done one since 2010 but when I realised this and looked through my shoop folder there were like... thirty that were actually worth posting. Good year's work there, self).

Anyway, under the cut:

amy poehler, castle, florence, the good wife, luther, parks and recreation, party down, saturday night live, wallpapers x1

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Dearest Yuletide author,

I am still relatively new to this whole business so you'll have to bear with me while I probably get everything wrong trying to explain myself and these ridiculous prompts.

In general I am really only picky when it comes to dudes and yoghurt and radio stations so, I am pretty likely to be super pleased with literally anything you write me for this. The only things I don't usually touch are babyfic (and even then there are the exceptions, usually when it involves writers I love/trust absolutely) and the big ones like rape/dub-con etc etc; I tend to like my fics on the nicer side of grim I guess, just because I am that person. Anyway, that is probably enough about what I don't like because I feel as though it's about a million times easier to get an idea of what to write by idk, narrowing down the vast spectrum of things I do like. Something that features heavily in this years crop of requests is bffs because in the past year I have gone from affection of them to a deep abiding (and completely insane) love for them - which is why all my requests but one are entirely about bffs and events surrounding them, it's ridiculous. Some other things I often enjoy in fic and that have coincidentally (and by that I mean completely on purpose) turned up in my requests are cheating - and let me explain that a little, because it's tricky; I don't... like cheating, I mean, I think it makes people totally gross and I usually hate the way television deals with it (honestly, DO NOT EVER GET ME STARTED), but I am always weirdly fascinated by it??? In the way where I want to know how either party deals with it and how they talk about it and all of the consequences, you know??? Plus I am a total hypocrite anyway, I ship everyone with everyone on SNL and I'm pretty sure most of them are in super committed relationships and have been forever, so I basically just want to read about it because I am a gross person myself - and awesome ladies because they are much better than anyone else ever, as well as things like ADORABLE CRUSHES and nicknames. Does that giant run on sentence make any sense whatsoever? I hope so.

But okay, with that out of the way, onto the prompts:

Collapse )

Man, I am possibly the rambliest, most run-on sentence-y person ever and also just the worst. I hope there is something in there for you to run with though, lovely Yuletide-r, and I will honestly appreciate anything you come up with because it is Yuletide and that is what it is all about!!!

- Sam/veils